One of the easiest ways to create more space in your home is to invest in a cabin for your outdoor space. Not only do cabins look great, but they’re a practical investment too.

Here at Barry Sheds, we sell and install a range of amazing outdoor cabins. If you’re on the fence about getting one, here are 5 reasons to buy a NZ made cabin.

 1. Great for entertaining

Cabins are ideal entertainment spaces, particularly in the summer. If you like having friends round for BBQs or pool parties, a cabin is a sensible way to upgrade your outdoor space. Not only could you fit a bar inside, but you could also use it as a games room. Cabins make a great base for parties in the summer and mean that you don’t have as much mess to clear up in your home!

2. Year-round benefits

Outdoor cabins are usable all year round. Our cabins come with insulation as standard in the walls and roof, meaning they stay nice and warm in the winter. This helps to regulate the summer temperature too, meaning they stay relatively cool. But we think they’re particularly cosy in the winter, particularly when it’s cold. 

3. Ideal as a home office

Cabins have recently soared in popularity as home offices, particularly thanks to the pandemic. As more people began working from home, they realized they needed a space separate from their home. Well, outdoor cabins are the answer! At Barry Sheds, we even sell specific models for art studios if that’s the kind of home office you need. What’s more, our cabins can be completely customized to fit your specific home-working requirements.

4. Perfect as playrooms

Much like you might want a separate space for working, cabins are also ideal as kids’ playrooms. Our NZ made cabins can be decorated however you want and have plenty of space for storage options. Although, when you see how great they look in your garden, you might want to keep the space all for yourself!

5. Relaxing privacy

While some might use cabins as home offices or art studios, others use them simply as a relaxing space separate from their main home. This is a great option if you like spending time outdoors but want some comfortable furniture that won’t be damaged by the weather. There are few things more enjoyable than settling down in an outdoor cabin with a good book or a cold drink.

Here at Barry Sheds, we know the difference cabins can make to an outdoor space. We have plenty of options for different needs and do customized orders too. We have NZ wide shipping options, and our cabins are all NZ made. So if you think your garden would benefit from a cabin, contact us for more information.


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