Garden sheds are practical ways to get more from your outdoor space. While the main benefits might seem obvious, there’s plenty you can do with a quality shed.

We at Barry Sheds sell and install a range of quality NZ made sheds. If you’re thinking of making the investment, here are 5 reasons to buy a shed.

 1. Extra outdoor storage

This is the most obvious reason people buy sheds. If nothing else, they provide you with plenty of outdoor storage for everything from gardening equipment to kids’ bikes and toys. If you’re fed up of storing these things in the house then buying a shed is an obvious move.

2. Outdoor entertaining

If you’re willing to splash out on more than a standard shed, you could end up with a beautiful space for outdoor entertaining. Among our range of NZ made sheds are villa and cottage cabins. These models are ideal for turning into relaxing areas separate from your home.

Whether you plan on hosting parties or just want some privacy, sheds are a great option. You could even convert it into a bar!

3. Hobby room

Plenty of people put off taking up a new hobby because they simply don’t have the space for the equipment. Sheds are an obvious choice for this because at the very least they provide you with storage space, or a larger shed could be used for the hobby itself.

We even sell a hobby shed, which is perfect for things like painting, sewing, pottery, and more. Whatever hobby you’re thinking of taking up, investing in a dedicated space for it will make it much more enjoyable.

4. Kids’ playroom

While sheds can be a great place to get some privacy, they’re just as good donating to the kids as a playroom. If you find your home is constantly cluttered with toys, a shed is ideal for letting your kids loose with their toys.

Importantly, too, a shed is close enough to your home for you to know your kids are safe, but far enough away that your house is (relatively) free from chaos.

5. Workspace

As you’ve probably already picked up, sheds are perfect for expanding the usable space in your home. Rather than using them for hobbies, you could always use a shed as your at-home working space.

The benefit of this is that, as mentioned above, they’re private enough for you to get some peace but not too far away that you feel disconnected from your home. Whether for doing your proper job or as a DIY workshop, sheds are a good choice.

If these reasons have convinced you of the benefits of sheds, Barry Sheds is the company for you. All of our sheds are NZ made and we have NZ wide shipping options. We do standard models that can be customized however you want too.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to find out how a shed could level up your outdoor space.


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