Our Sheds & Sleepouts have several advantages, such as being the environmentally-friendly choice to space creation as well as being weather resistant. We strive always to use sustainable materials, energy-efficient processes and natural resources to build eco-conscious cabins. We also ensure that our sleepouts can be used through every season, all-year-round because we make them to withstand all types of weather. It’s also important for us to provide you with a space that is adaptable for your lifestyle. Our sleepouts are hard-wearing and fully tailored.

Not many of us have the luxury of having all the room we want in our homes. It can become cumbersome and cluttered trying to live in a filled-in home. And a sleepout can easily cater to this requirement, so whether you are looking for an area to work, entertain or simply wind down after a long week it can be more beneficial than you realize. Made for versatility and durability, our completely locally sourced and made sleepouts provide the best use of available space.

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