Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Barry Sheds Limited, we strive to provide the best customer service, below are some common frequently asked questions. If your query is not in the list below, please call us on 0800 233 224. 

Q - Do I require consent for a structure?

A - All our sheds, cabins and studios are built within the 10 sqm regulations. Our products are also completely moveable/portable when installed directly onto your site. If foundation work is required and the structure is bolted to these foundations.

It is recommended the structure is placed no closer than the height of the structure away from any boundaries or dwellings, we can place this closer however it is at your due diligence. 

Q - Is the floor included?

A - Yes absolutely, all our structures come inclusive of a floor base, made up of Treated Bearers, Joists and 19mm Treated Plywood Floor.

Q - How thick is the floor?

A - The plywood floor is 19 mm thick; the Joists are 100 mm x 50 mm and Bearers are 100 mm x 100 mm. From the bottom of the bearer to the top of the plywood floor is 219 mm. 

Q - Can I change the size of the cabin on any standard model?

A - Yes absolutely, you can change the size on any signature model within 10sqms in floor area. Excluding deck and veranda. You can also increase the height up to 3m. 

Q - Do you make structures over 10 sqm?

A - Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business we don’t offer this. Our 10 sqm structures result in a quick turn-around period for our builders and avoid most consents or permits. 

Q - What is your lead time?

A - Usually 10 weeks from order to completion, however this can increase during peak seasons; this is to prevent over booking and ensure we can meet all scheduled installations in a timely manner. Please bare this in mind prior to scheduling in your order. Our sales representatives can indicate the current lead time. 

Q - Can I change the placement of doors and windows on any signature model?

A - Yes, absolutely! The benefit of our cabins being made to order is we offer this free of charge.

Q - Do you install out of Auckland?

A - We only offer a Manual Delivery & Installation within Auckland. This includes our team bringing a ute and trailer and the pre-fabricated shed/cabin in a kitset form. This is a great option for limited access sites. We also offer HIAB delivery of the assembled unit in Auckland and all other areas in NZ. Along with offering Freighted Kitsets nationwide. For options on your area, please feel free to send us a message on our contact us page & we will get back to your with a quote. 

Q - Can I choose the Color of the Roofing?

A - Yes absolutely, a color chart and samples are on our Custom page. We can also send you physical samples if you require them.


Q - Do you offer Aluminum Joinery & Double glazing?

A - We do offer aluminum joinery in single-glazed and double-glazed glass. Both options for Single or Double glazing are available. All joinery is brand new and specifically for you!

Q - Do you have a showroom

A - Yes, we do. We recommend booking an appointment prior to arrival to ensure a Sales Representative can assist you and provide you the best customer service possible. Showroom Hours are Mon - Saturday 9am - 4.30pm.

Q - Do you make to order?

A - Yes, we do, to offer our clients a range of options and alterations. Due to the demand and nature of our business, we make to order all sheds/cabins. This allows for plenty of custom options, change of configurations and placements free of charge.

Q - How do I maintain the sheds life?

A - All our sheds are an environmentally friendly choice, it is a natural product, that should be properly looked after and maintained. We advise regular painting and priming as required to seal and protect the Weathering process. Our terms and conditions cover this in more detail.

Q - Is my Veranda & Deck included in the footprint of the shed?

A - Fortunately no. The footprint size is the exterior measurements of the shed only. The deck and veranda can be removed from any model and this would reduce the price.