Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Barry Sheds Limited, we strive to provide the best customer service, below are some common frequently asked questions. If your query is not in the list below please call us on 0800 233 224. 

Q - Do I require consent for a structure?

A - All of our sheds, cabins and studios are built within 10sqm regulations. Our products are also completely moveable when installed only on bearers. If more foundation work is required and the structure is fixed permanently you will need to consult with your local council.

It is recommended the structure is placed no closer than the height of the structure away from any boundaries or dwellings, we can place this closer however it is at your due dilligence.

Q - Is the floor included?

A Yes absolutely, all of our structures come inclusive with H5 Bearers, H4 Floor Joists/Frame and Standard 19mm Plywood Floor.

Q - How thick is the floor?

A - The plywood floor is 19mm thick, the joists are 50mm x 100mm and Bearers are 100mm x 100mm. From the bottom of the bearer to the top of the plywood floor is 219mm.

Q - Can I change the size of the cabin on any standard model?

A - Yes absolutely, you can change the size on any signature model within in the 10sqm requirements.

Q - Do you make structures over 10sqm?

A - Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business we do not. Our 10sqm structures result in a quick turn around period for our builders 

Q - What is your lead time?

A - Normal 8 week lead time can increase during peak seasons, this is to prevent over booking and ensure we can meet all scheduled installations timely. Please bare this in mind prior to booking. Our sales representatives can indicate a live lead time on request

Q - Can I change the placement of doors and windows on any signature model?

A - Yes, absolutely! The benefit of our cabins being made to order is we do not charge for any change in placement of doors and windows

Q - Do you install out of Auckland?

A - Yes we do in some areas, we can freight the kit-set to you and have one of our own in the area install for you. If we do not have any contractors in your area, your local builder could easily assemble the kit-set for you. We also provide 24/7 builders support.

Q - Can I choose the Color of the Roofing?

A - Yes absolutely, a color chart and samples will be provided on request

Q - Are your wooden windows glass?

A - Our wooden joinery is made from 4.5mm clear coated perspex, this is the same thickness as glass but requires no gluing. It is also shatter proof making our cabins safe around children and pets.

Q - Do you offer Double glazing?

A - We do offer aluminum joinery in single glazed and double glazed glass. This option can be fitted to any signature model or custom design at a separate cost. 

Q - Do you have a showroom

A - Yes we do. You can view our Villa Showroom, and walk through our factory to see what we are currently working on. We recommend booking an appointment prior to arrival to ensure a Sales Representative can assist you and provide you the best customer service possible. Our showroom is open 9am - 5pm Monday - Thursday and 8am - 4pm on Fridays. We are open Saturdays by appointment only and closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

Q - Do you make to order?

A - Yes we do, to offer our clients a range of benefits. Due to the demand and nature of our business, we make to order all sheds, cabin and studios except for Demo displays. This allows for plenty of custom options, change of configurations and placements free of charge.

Q - Can you visit our site?

A - Yes we can, for a free onsite assessment and quotation please contact us through 'Book an onsite assessment and quote' form once a quotation has been conferred.

Q - Where can I place my shed?

A - This is completely at your discretion and at your due diligence. Be mindful of how you position your shed, if you are in a cold wet area, sun and warmth is important. For optimal life-span it is recommended to be sheltered away from direct driving rain, e.g. beside fences, house walls, this helps break up driving rain. But more importantly in an area with a lot of sunlight around the shed or cabin and in a place you can regularly allow air flow into the shed or cabin. We do not recommend to place the shed or cabin next to or close to trees.

Q - How do I maintain the sheds useful life?

A - All of our sheds are an environmentally friendly choice, it is a natural product, that should be properly looked after and maintained. We advise regular painting and priming as required. We also recommend regular cleaning to remove moss/mold that may grow on the exterior of the shed as the treated pine is exposed to the elements. 

Q - How long lasting are the wooden windows?

A - Wooden windows will attract water and dry over time. This is a nature causing an effect on the timber framework. We do recommend apply sealants such as silicone from your local hardware supplier if you do have any concerns about a minor draft. We also do recommend vanish the framing of the window. To ensure window framework is not damp, it will naturally dry and it will not affect the structure's stability. We carry no warranty over modifications made by the user. 

Q - Is your interior lining treated?

A - As an environmentally friendly product we use nontoxic materials such as treated ply. The interior plywood standard and V Grove comes untreated and requires a primer and vanishing/painting to sustain its life. We recommend completing this within the first six months of purchase. To extend the life of the plywood and ensure it is not defected by potential moisture inside the shed. 

Q - Is my Veranda & Deck included in the footprint of the shed?

A - Fortunately no. The footprint size is the exterior measurements of the shed only. The veranda and deck can be provided with any model however these are classed as accessory items not covered by our warranty. The purpose of the veranda only is aesthetic. The veranda is not an extension of the roof line and its fitting does not affect the interior or exterior of the shed itself. 

Q - When can I fit interior fixtures to the wall?

A - If the shed has an unlined interior with bare framing you can hang items straight away, as soon as it is installed. However please check the weight as the framing is MG 75mm x 50mm it is at your own discretion to hang heavy items and risky bowing of the framing which would void your warranty.

If the interior of the shed is lined with our standard/v grove 12mm plywood, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before hanging items on the wall with screws or hooks. This is to allow the glue to set holding the plywood to the framing and insulation. If items of a heavy nature or more than expected amount this will void your warranty on the interior plywood. 
We also recommend using a stud reader before attaching or fixing items to the wall or framing. 



All of our structures are built for the usage of a shed only. Other uses beyond this are at the client's own discretion and we take no responsibility for your intended use. 

We recommend all clients do due diligence regarding timber treatments we use i.e Shadowclad 2000, 187mm x 18mm preprimed bevelback weatherboard, 12mm H3.2 Rough Sawn Treated Pine exterior cladding and H4, H5.