All installations are an estimated 10 weeks from date of full payment or 50% first deposit installment has been paid. We schedule all installations chronologically, if there is a delay in one installation this often affects all scheduled equally to allow for a fair booking system. Our sales representatives indicate a week or day of installation when booking, this is per current schedule conditions. You will then be advised and have a confirmed day and time once we are closer to this. Some circumstances that cannot be helped may alter this originally planned ETA, if this is the circumstance, a sales representative will notify you as soon as they are informed by our productions team. An increased 12-14 week lead time can occur during peak seasons; this is to prevent over booking and ensure we can meet all scheduled installations in a timely manner. Please bare this in mind. If your job is scheduled for a specific day/week or time we will do our best to meet this. We will not schedule your job until we received and receipted full payment or your first 50% deposit payment. We take no responsibility of any conditions which could alter the ETA planned, if weather alters the ETA planned, we will notify you as soon as we can.



Should we encounter any adverse conditions, such as concrete, rocks, or underground services etc. when digging the post footings; an extra charge of $250 per hour would apply further and be invoiced to you for payment. If this were to eventuate, we would notify you immediately before proceeding further. Please note delivery and assembly on flat/ level site means this, if we do require to put additional foundations down which are required for the shed/cabins stability these will be charged at an additional $95 per post, and $250 per hour. Please note we hold no responsibility for foundations completed by you or your own parties. Our warranty covers only the work we have completed. If your shed/ cabin is unlevel due to foundation posts you have installed, this is your responsibility to fix. If your site requires any waste removal or dumping, this will be invoiced to you for payment depending on the amount of waste to remove from site.



We have not allowed to investigate for underground services within the construction area and advise that if you are not sure of the exact location of services a call to the relevant providers may clarify the situation. We have made no allowance for any permits, fees or other possible regulatory requirements. Council consents, building permits and height to boundary consideration is at owner’s risk.