To accept your quotation please click on the quote link and select ACCEPT or respond by email to accept this quote to the Sales email for one of our Sales Representatives to process. We will not process your quotation until it has been formally accepted. Please note once your quote has been accepted, we accept this as acceptance of our terms and conditions outlined on this document. Formal acceptance of your quotation must be made by email, or acceptance of the quote online (not applicable for all quotes). Once the quote has been accepted, it is accepted under the knowledge of these terms and conditions which will be sent you with your order confirmation email. The quotation is also accepted under the knowledge of our No Cancellation Policy. Due to the nature of our business we are not able to refund you as ordering begins once first instalment or full payment has been made. Suppliers, as do we, take no responsibility for any delays caused by either party, any adverse circumstances that could jeopardize your installation date or any change of mind throughout your experience with us. Cancellations cannot be made due to change of mind upon accepting the agreed quote. If your installation date is changed this does not forfeit a refund, credit or discount. These things happen and within our trade we do our best to communicate a delay, if any when possible.



Full payment upon order using website online services or the following below for custom orders; Full payment upfront will receive a $200 prompt payment discount, or you can pay in installments. A 50% first payment installment is due on acceptance to lock in your job. Please note first installment deposit payment is non-refundable. We provide an estimated installation/uplift or pick up date when confirming your order, however, installation week is booked and confirmed once payment has been received and receipted, and only then. We are unable to hold dates for clients, due to our First in First served booking system, this would be unfair to other clients. Second installment is due 3 weeks prior to the scheduled installation/uplift or pick up week. You will be advised at the earliest convenience of a confirmed and scheduled day and time of the proposed week, when our productions team have confirmed this. The 10% third and final installment is due on the week of scheduled installation/freight or pick up. Please note if payment is made late this will result in delay installation/uplift or pick up. Any delay will be communicated to you as soon as possible. If second or final payment is made late this will incur a 2% overdue payment fee once this is 7 days overdue with no exceptions. If your cabin/shed is not quite right, we must be notified immediately this is not an acceptable reason for delayed payment. Any complaints or queries can be made by email to