Terms & Conditions

Sales & Quoted Pricing Inclusions & Exclusions                                                                        

The for Sale or Quotation pricing does not include plumbing/wiring or any additional extras not stated on the product information listed. The list per sales or quote is what has been quoted and what you will receive upon delivery. Pre-wiring quoted for includes pre-wiring only of the specified amount of power and light sockets. Further pre-wiring will be charged to the client directly from our electrician. Additional fit out of outlets, caravan connections or mains connections can be arranged however this is not included in the pre-wiring price. If a caravan connection is inclusive in your quote this is for the caravan conjunction box and connection. This can be connected by extensions lead. No trenches, underground digging or connection direct to the house are included in this price. These can be arranged by the electrician if you wish to do so and this will be charged directly to the client.                                                                                         

Ground work                                                                                                           

Should we encounter any adverse conditions, such as concrete, rocks, or underground services etc. when digging the post footings; an extra charge of $250 per hour would apply further into the Final cost. If this were to eventuate we would notify you immediately before proceeding further. Please note delivery and assembly on flat/level site means the site is leveled and prepare for the full size of shed/cabin purchased. If we do require to put additional foundations down which are required for the shed/cabins stability these will be charged at an additional $75 per post. Please note we hold no responsibility for foundations completed by you or your builder. Our warranty covers only the work we have completed. If your shed/cabin is un-level due to foundation posts you have installed this is your responsibility to fix. If your site requires any waste removal or dumping, this will be charged to your final cost depending on the amount of waste to remove from site.

Legal construction                                                                                                 

We have not allowed to investigate for underground services within the construction area and advise that if you are not sure of the exact location of services a call to the relevant providers may clarify the situation. We have made no allowance for any permits, fees or other possible regulatory requirements. Council consents, building permits and height to boundary consideration is at owner's risk.

Location of Shed/Cabin                                                                                         

Positioning of the shed can be agreed on site prior to commencement of works, this must be confirmed by the client to our install team onsite prior to commencement of works. If you will not be present on the day of install, we will require a written email with pictures and direction of your shed/cabin. This is essential to ensure your shed/cabin is installed in the correct place.

Freight Jobs Only                                         

Freight for all sheds/cabin can be arranged by us or yourself. Please note we cover any freight damage incurred when the freight is organized for you on our behalf. If you do arrange your own freight, please note we hold no insurance for any damages included in the transit you have organized. For any damages to your shed/cabin after freight arranged by Barry Sheds, we must be contact immediately to be notified of damages, and emailed pictures of the exact parts of damage. Full payment of the shed/cabin must be made prior to freight being uplifted. Failure to make final 10% payment or a delayed payment will result in delay for any uplift.

Acceptance of Quotation                                                                                       

To accept your quotation please click on the quote and select ACCEPT or respond by email to accept this quote to the Sales email- sales@barrysheds.co.nz for one of our Sales Reps to process. We will not process your quotation until it is formally accepted. Please note once your quote has been accepted we accept this as acceptance of our terms and conditions. Formal acceptance of quotation is must be made by email, or acceptance of the quote online (not applicable for all quotes) Once the quote is accepted, it is accepted under the knowledge of these terms and conditions which will be sent you with your quotation. If your installation date is changed this does not forfeit a refund, credit or discount. These things can rarely happen within our trade and we will communicate any such delay with you while providing our excellent customer service.

Variations to Contract Work                                                                                   

Any variations to works made after first confirmation must be made in writing to a sales representative – via sales@barrysheds.co.nz. Variations may be declined depending on how far along the shed or cabin is in the production process. Variations requested can result in a delay of installation – this will be advised at the time of any variation being confirmed.

Payment Terms                                                                                  

A 50% first payment installment is required on acceptance. A second 40% installment is due three weeks prior to installation date.
Third and Final 10% is due day of installation. Please note if payment is made late this will result in delayed installation or freight. 

ETA for Installations                                                                                       

All installations are an estimated 4-6 weeks from date of 50% first installment is paid. We schedule all installations chronologically. Our sales representatives indicate a day of installation when booking. You will then be advised a arrival time once we are closer to this. Some circumstances that cannot be helped may alter this originally planned ETA, if this is the circumstance, a sales representative will notify you as soon as possible.

Our Responsibility to you                                                                                     

We are responsible to Manufacture the Cabin or Shed for you as per the specifications listed as per quotation accepted, and then deliver or freight this to you if this is stated in the quotation. We work our hardest to deliver the best sheds/cabins, we look forward to making you the perfect new addition to your backyard.

Clients Responsibility                                                                                           

Client understands and accepts full responsibility for any permits, consents or ground work that may arise and have done their research prior to purchase. They understand Barry Sheds is not responsible and has made no allowances for permits, consents or building code. The client understands they will receive what is scheduled as per their quote and floor plan. The client accepts and understand this is non-refundable and installation will be scheduled on dates that are advised by Barry Sheds. Barry Sheds recommends our sheds and cabins to be used for the purposes of a shed only, it is at the client’s discretion to do any due diligence prior to purchase if the intended use is different from the listed above.
Terms and conditions effective as of 1st January 2018. For Any further information please do not hesitate to contact any one of our Sales Representatives on 0800 233 224 or email us on sales@barrysheds.co.nz.


Barry Sheds Limited Product Information and Care Policy effective as of 1st September 2018 

Product Information and Care the client is informed of prior to purchasing and understands in order to maintain the best product the below where applicable must be obliged.

Product Info – Floor

All of our structures unless specified in a custom quote come inclusive with H5 Bearers, H4 Floor Joists/Frame and Standard 19mm H3.2 treated Plywood Floor. If your site is muddy, has consistent wet conditions and you are concerned this affecting your shed, you must advise the sales team prior to installing and concreted posts must be installed at an agreed height above the ground. If you have no concerns or wish to have your shed site directly on bearers, the site must be levelled and flat by the client. Alternatively, the client can make their own base which our installation team will install on, however as Barry Sheds did not make the base this part of the shed will not be covered by warranty.

Product Info – Perspex Windows and Doors

Our wooden joinery is made from 4.5mm clear coated perspex, this is the same thickness as glass but requires no gluing. It is also shatter proof making our cabins safe around children and pets. If your quotation includes this type of joinery it will be standard with “Wooden Door, or Half Timber, Half Perspex Door, Cottage Door/Windows or Villa Door/Windows.”

Wooden windows will attract water and dry over time. This is a nature causing an effect on the timber framework. We do recommend apply sealants such as silicone from your local hardware supplier if you do have any concerns about a minor draft. We also do recommend vanish the framing of the window. To ensure window framework is not damp, it will naturally dry and it will not affect the structure's stability. We carry no warranty over modifications made by the user.

Product Info – Aluminum Windows and Doors

We do offer aluminum joinery in single glazed and double glazed glass. This option can be fitted to any model. Your quotation will include this if it states ‘Aluminum door/window’ in the quotation. Our aluminum is ordered only on request and sourced by a local supplier which supply the joinery at acceptable NZ standards. Aluminum joinery requires low maintenance in comparison to Wooden Perspex joinery.


Glass Care Installation Notes

  • If splashes of mortar or plaster occur, immediately wash down with clean water or mild detergent. Do not allow splashes to harden. Do not use solvents.
  • Clean glass carefully: use non-abrasive cleaners, mild detergents or propriety glass cleaners.
  • Do not use scrapers on glass.
  • Home owners should obtain a copy of Care and Maintenance Instructions from their window supplier.

Washing Glass

  • The regular washing and drying of glass and window frames are required to ensure long term durability. In urban areas washing should be every 3 to 6 months.
  • When washing, soak the glass surface with warm water and mild soap detergent solution to loosen dirt and debris or proprietary glass cleaners. Start cleaning at the top of the building and continue to lower levels.
  • After washing, rinse with clean water and then dry the glass using a clean grit-free squeegee, cloth or paper towel and remember, 'Wet glass is dirty glass.'
  • All water and cleaning solution residue should be dried from the window gaskets, sealants and frames to prevent water spots.
  • Avoid cleaning tinted and reflective glass surfaces in direct sunlight.

Washing Special Glasses

  • When washing double glazing and laminated glass use the same procedures as above but ensure no solvents met the edge laminate interlayer or unit sealant.
  • It is advisable to check the frame drainage to ensure no water is trapped in the rebate as this can affect the life of these products.
  • With reflective or Low E coated surfaces exercise special care when cleaning and follow the manufacturer's instructions

The Aluminum frame is to be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed with clean water as well

If there is something on the Aluminum that this will not remove, we would advise trying a small amount of IPA on a rag this can be purchased from a paint supply store like Linkup paints. After applying the IPA, it will need to be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed with clean water.


Product Care – General Maintenance

All of our sheds are an environmentally friendly choice, it is a natural product, that should be properly looked after and maintained. We advise regular painting and priming as required. We also recommend regular cleaning to remove moss/mold that may grow on the exterior of the shed as the treated pine is exposed to the elements.

Product Care - Interior Lining – Untreated Plywood

As an environmentally friendly product we use nontoxic materials such as treated ply. The interior plywood standard and V Grove comes untreated and requires a primer and vanishing/painting to sustain its life. We recommend completing this within the first six months of purchase. To extend the life of the plywood and ensure it is not defected by potential moisture inside the shed.

Product Info – Veranda and Decks

The Veranda and Deck is not included in the footprint size of the product. The footprint size is the exterior measurements of the shed only. The veranda and deck can be provided with any model however these are classed as accessory items not covered by our warranty. The purpose of the veranda only is aesthetical. The veranda is not an extension of the roofline and its fitting does not affect the interior or exterior of the shed itself.

Product Care - Fixing Hanging Items to Your Shed

If the shed has an unlined interior with bare framing you can hang items straight away, as soon as it is installed. However please check the weight as the framing is MG 75mm x 50mm it is at your own discretion to hang heavy items and risky bowing of the framing which would void your warranty.

If the interior of the shed is lined with our standard/v grove 12mm plywood, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before hanging items on the wall with screws or hooks. This is to allow the glue to set holding the plywood to the framing and insulation. If items of a heavy nature or more than expectable amount this will void your warranty on the interior plywood.

We also recommend using a stud reader before attaching or fixing items to the wall or framing.



All of our structures are built for the usage of a shed only. Other uses beyond this are at the client's own discretion and we take no responsibility for your intended use.

We recommend all clients do due diligence regarding timber treatments we use i.e Shadowclad 2000, Weatherback bevel board, H3.2 rough sawn and H4, H5