Terms & Conditions

Please note the below terms and conditions effective 1st January 2018

Sales & Quoted Pricing Exclusions
The for Sale or Quotation pricing does not include plumbing/wiring or any additional extras not stated on the product information listed. The list per sales or quote is what has been quoted and what you will receive upon delivery.
Pre-wiring quoted for includes pre-wiring only of the specified amount of power and light sockets. Further pre-wiring will be charged to the client. Additional fit out of outlets, caravan connections or mains connections can be arranged with the electrician on site however this is not included in the pre-wiring price.
If a caravan connection is inclusive in your quote this is for the caravan conjunction box and connection. This can be connected by a extension lead. No trenches, underground digging or connection direct to the house are included in this price. These can be arranged by the electrician if you wish to do so and will be charged directly to you by the electrician.
Prices are as listed until stated other wise. All custom quotes are valid for 30 days from the date on your quotation. 

Ground work
Should we encounter any adverse conditions, such as concrete, rocks, or underground services etc. when digging the post footings; an extra charge of $250 per hour would apply further into the Final cost. If this were to eventuate we would notify you immediately before proceeding further.
Please note delivery and assembly on flat/level site means this, if we do require to put additional foundations down which are required for the shed/cabins stability these will be charged at an additional $65 per post, and $50 per hour.
Please note we hold no responsibility for foundations completed by you or your builder. Our warranty covers only the work we have completed. If your shed/cabin is unlevel due to foundation posts you have installed this is your responsibility to fix.
If your site requires any waste removal or dumping, this will be charged to your final cost depending on the amount of waste to remove from site.  

Legal construction
We have not allowed to investigate for underground services within the construction area and advise that if you are not sure of the exact location of services a call to the relevant providers may clarify the situation.
We have made no allowance for any permits, fees or other possible regulatory requirements. Council consents, building permits and height to boundary consideration is at owner's risk.

Location of Shed/Cabin
Positioning of the shed can be agreed on site prior to commencement of works, this must be confirmed by email prior to installation. If you will not be present on the day of install, we will require a written email with pictures and direction of your shed/cabin. This is essential to ensure your shed/cabin is installed in the correct place.

Freight Jobs Only
Freight for all sheds/cabin can be arranged by us or yourself. Please note we cover any freight damage incurred when the freight is organized for you on our behalf. If you do arrange your own freight, please note we hold no insurance for any damages included in the transit you have organized.
For any damages to your shed/cabin after freight arranged by Barry Sheds, we must be contact immediately to be notified of damages, and emailed pictures of the exact parts of damage.
Full payment of the shed/cabin must be made prior to freight being uplifted. Failure to make final 10% payment or a delayed payment will delay any uplift.
Freight estimates are quoted, this is under the understanding the client accepts this is only an estimate and may change. Toll will invoice us directly and we will raise an invoice for this amount to you, with Toll Logistics invoices to support any charges. Freight invoices must be paid 3 days after receiving your new shed/cabin. Any overdue payment charges by Toll Logistics will be on charge to you if your payment is delayed.

Acceptance of Quotation
To accept your quotation please click on the quote and select ACCEPT or respond by email to accept this quote to the Sales email- sales@barrysheds.co.nz for one of our Sales Reps to process. We will not process your quotation until it is formally accepted. Please note once your quote has been accepted we accept this as acceptance of our terms and conditions.
Formal acceptance of quotation is must be made by email, or acceptance of the quote online (not applicable for all quotes)
Once the quote is accepted, it is accepted under the knowledge of these terms and conditions which will be sent you with your quotation.
The quotation is accepted under the knowledge of our No Cancellation Policy, a copy of this policy can be sent upon request or found on our website under No C. Due to the nature of our business we are unable to refund you as ordering begins once first instalment is made. Suppliers as do we, do not hold any responsibility for any delays caused by either party, any adverse circumstances that could jeopardize your installation date or any change of mind throughout your experience with us. Cancellations cannot be made due to change of mind upon accepting the agreed quote. If your installation date is changed this does not forfeit a refund, credit or discount. These things happen and within our trade we do our best to communicate a delay, if any when possible.

Variations to Contract Work
Any variations to works made after confirmation must be made in writing to the sales representative – via sales@barrysheds.co.nz. Variations may be declined depending on how far along the shed or cabin is in the production process.
Variations requested can result in a delay I installation – this will be advised at the time of any variation being confirmed.

Full payment upon order using website online services or the following below for custom orders only

First 50% payment installment on acceptance. Please note first installment payment is non-refundable. Second 40% installment due 3 weeks prior to installation. Installation is booked and confirmed for a scheduled date and time agreed once payment is received. Third and Final 10% installment due on the day of installation or day prior to uplift of Freight.

Please note if payment is made late this will result in delayed installation. Any delay will be communicated to you as soon as possible.
If second or final payment is made late this will incur a 2% overdue payment fee once this is 7 days overdue with no exceptions. If your cabin or shed is not quite right, we must be notified immediately this is not an acceptable reason for delayed payment. Any complaints can be made by email to sales@barrysheds.co.nz

ETA for Installations
All installations are an estimated 8 weeks from date of order, however this can increase during peak seasons. We will advise confirmed lead time at the time of booking.
We schedule all installations chronologically, if there is a delay in one installation this often affects all scheduled equally to allow for a fair booking system.
Our sales representatives indicate a week of installation when booking, this is per current schedule conditions. Some circumstances that cannot be helped may alter this originally planned ETA, if this is the circumstance, a sales representative will notify you as soon as they are informed by our productions team.
Normal 8 week lead time can increase during peak seasons, this is to prevent over booking and ensure we can meet all scheduled installations timely. Please bare this in mind,
We will not schedule your job until we received and receipt deposit payment.
We take no responsibility of any conditions which could alter the ETA planned, if weather alters the ETA planned we will notify you as soon as we can.

Our Responsibility to you
We are responsible to Manufacture this Cabin or Shed for you as per the specifications listed as per quotation accepted, and then deliver or freight this to you if this is stated in the quotation. We work our hardest to deliver the best sheds/cabins, we look forward to making you the perfect new addition to your backyard.

Terms and conditions effective as of 13th April 2018. For Any further information please do not hesitate to contact any one of our Sales Representatives on 0800 233 224 or email us on sales@barrysheds.co.nz.